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 Available in SOLAS  NORSOK


Nadiro's technologies include a range of reliable, safe and high performance products requiring a minimum of maintenance.They are ready, efficient and easy to use during emergency situations. Resistant materials suited for maritime use, such as stainless steel and noble alloys, have been carefully selected for vital parts.

The system is defined by:

  • An innovative Drop-In-Ball™ hook system 
  • Available for lifeboat capacities between 20-150 people

The Drop-In-Ball™ hook system can be fitted or retrofitted on all makes of lifeboats and customized to different capacities or customer specific requirements, making it possible to achieve a safe working environment on-board your vessels. The innovative design minimises the risk of accidents during lifeboat operations.

The Drop-in-Ball™ hook system is available in three versions, covering lifeboat capacities up to 150 people:

Why choose the Drop-In-Ball™?

  • A hydraulic unit replaces the old unreliable release wire systems
  • The system is designed as an off-load system with a hydraulic on-load functionality in emergencies
  • Simultaneous release of the Drop-In-Balls™ ensured through hydraulic flow system
  • Locking pawl prevents the ball from falling out of the housing
  • Only two moving parts in the entire system

It’s that easy...

  • Independent reset of the Drop-In-Ball™ hook system in both ends of the lifeboat can easily be done by one person
  • The system ensures that when the boat is waterborne, a simple push at a the release button releases the Drop-In-Balls™
  • Maintenance and inspection is easily made