This standard will become mandatory for all offshore units in Norway in 2015. NORSOK R-002 sets a completely new safety standard for lifesaving appliances.

Nadiro is proud to be the first manufacturer, which has delivered systems built for this standard, including:

  • Redundancy of our Drop-In-Ball™ hook systems and two independent hook release mechanisms
  • Pull'n'Go handle enabling launch of the system in an emergency, even with multiple failures and no electrical power
  • Higher structural safety factors calculated according to NORSOK R-002
  • Mode-selector determines system functionality in service and emergency modes 

Nadiro builds NORSOK R-002 systems in compliance with the EU Machinery Directive and test the systems in excess of SOLAS requirements and NORSOK R-002. These tests include endurance test and simultaneous release of the Drop-In-Balls™ in extreme angles.